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November 20 - Friday 6:30 to 7:30pm ONLINE
Canon presents Printing with Peter!
This is your chance to learn more about Canon’s new Pro-300 professional photo printer and how to make the most out of its features to produce remarkable prints. We’ll take you to the next step in crafting great prints, with details about the new matte black ink, panorama support and improved media compatibility.
During this class you will:
• Learn more about the Pro-300’s new matte black ink and its effect on print quality for matte and fine art papers.
• Understand how the improved media compatibility affects fine art, baryta and washi paper types.
• Peter will also be doing a live print for the first two attendees to send him an image!

November 24 - Tuesday 7pm to 8:30pm ONLINE
Tamron presents Let's Go Photograph Animals: A Guide to Better Wildlife Photography with Cecil Holmes
Join Cecil as he shares with you his approach to photographing animals. He will discuss how to plan and prepare for each shoot, as well as his favorite tools, lenses, which composition works best, and tips & tricks for creating compelling images of animals and wildlife. We will also talk about places that provide excellent practice opportunities for wildlife photography. Join us for this virtual safari full of information, images, and funny stories.
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December 1 - Tuesday 7pm to 8:30pm ONLINE
Tamron presents Let’s Go to The Movies: A Guide to Creating Great Family Fun Movies with Charley Voorhis
They say a photo is worth 1,000 words, so what does that say for a video? Time is fleeting and we often loose our precious memories to the past. The most vivid way to look back and reflect on our stories is through video. My webinar will walk through my process of capturing a family trip to remember and share for the future.
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December 8 - Tuesday 7pm to 8:30pm ONLINE
Tamron presents Let’s Go to the Playground: A Guide to Fun Family Photos with Marcie Reif
Go along behind the scenes with Marcie Reif as she shares all her secrets to fun family photos. She will share her planning process, what she takes along to the shoot, and how she interacts with the families to create laughter and joyful images. Marcie will share her favorite lenses to use, camera settings, ideal locations, and how to problem solve when things don't go quite as planned.
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December 11 - Friday 6:30 to 7:30pm ONLINE
Food Photography: Learn to Taste with Your Eyes with Peter Lee

If you are interested learning more about how to take appetizing food photos, then this class is just what you’ve been waiting for. Whether you are new to photography or are experienced but want to learn more about how to approach food as a subject, this class will information and useful tips that will help take your food photos to the next level.
During this class, we will:
· Understand how the careful selection of aperture best shows off your food. · Be able to manage shutter speed to control movement. · Make sure everything that needs to be sharp is sharp! · Control color through white balance, Picture Style and an understanding of your environment. · See what I would recommended for lenses and accessories. · Learn some simple lighting solutions to fit the mood. · Get tips on how to style food, prepare for and manage your shoot.
Call our Sales Department to get a link to the class.

January 15 - Friday 6:30 to 7:30pm ONLINE
Tamron presents Let’s Go to Alaska: A Guide to Capturing Landscapes in Cold Climates with Jake Sloan
Capturing landscapes in cold climates takes extra preparation and precautions to be ready for temperatures well below zero in the winter and wildlife encounters in the summer. Knowing your gear inside and out, preparing for a cold weather trip, and having a clear idea of what you want to capture are key to landscape photography in cold climates. From simple tips and tricks to how to dress, I'll unpack my process for surviving a trip to capture some of Alaska's incredible beauty.
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January 15 - Friday 6:30 to 7:30pm ONLINE
Backyard Birds and Beyond with Nathan Bett

Whether you’re at the feeders in the yard, or out on the trail, this class will teach you everything you need to know about photographing birds. Get an overview of the tools and techniques you’ll need to get better shots wherever you are. Learn about some of the great features Canon cameras have to offer that make birding a snap.
Call our Sales Department to get a link to the class.