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TCR Repair Department
Internationally known since 1972 by professionals, amateurs and businesses for high quality repairs.

Our technicians have a combined 80 years of experience and have been factory-trained on many models. We use the latest test equipment and manufacturer's support materials.

  • Free Estimates
  • Canon and Nikon Professional Camera and Lens repairs.
  • Digital camera repairs and image sensor cleanings.
  • Studio Strobes, Heads and Power Packs repaired in-house.
  • "Classic" and film camera repair with a large inventory of hard-to-find parts
  • Special pricing for schools
  • Accounts and Contracts available for Educational, Law-Enforcement and Government Agencies
  • Widelux service
  • Complete machine shop

Camera Repair

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  Joe Wojcich, founder and owner of Tempe Camera Repair, Inc. still spends his days at his workbench.