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Send Files to Tempe Camera

Send files to Tempe Camera
You'll save time with these few steps:

1. Click here to download our PDF Order Form. Open it in Adobe Reader, fill it out and save it to your computer.

2. Save time and avoid errors when sending multiple files: create a new folder, put your order form and your images in the folder, create a zip archive, and simply send the archive. To create a zip archive on Windows, right-click on the folder, choose Send To and Compressed (zip) Folder. On the Mac, select the folder, go to the File menu and select Compress.

3. SAVE EVEN MORE TIME - USE TEMPE CAMERA ROES to send your order. You can crop, rotate, zoom in and out, and choose from hundreds of our lab products. Sending the final files and payments are taken care of within the program. You can specify to pick up your finished order at the lab. Get the same attention to detail and finished quality you would get from visiting the lab directly.